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BIM 1- Big Island Milk Follow on Formula 0-6 Months 400gm

Brand: BIM

Product Details Of  BIM 1- Big Island Milk Formula 0-6 Months 400gm

  • The BIM 1 Newborn Formula has been carefully engineered for newborn babies who can consume it from the time of their birth up to six months. 

  • Our product is designed with all the nutrients that are vital
    for the ideal growth and development of your child.

  • Our BIM 1 Newborn Formula for infants of 0 to 6 months of age comes with all the essential prebiotics that are important for the optimal gut health of your child.

  • we offer you the best baby formula that has been made with all-natural and 100% pure Australian cow milk.

  • BIM 1 Newborn Formula has been made with 100% HALAL ingredients.

  • This formula milk is also purely vegetarian to suit the preferences of all our vegetarian consumers.


Rs. 1405.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

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