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Dermo Clean Osmo plus Intensive Moistourizing cream 50 ml

The 4-effect Osmo Plus Cream, with its intense moisturizing feature, also provides immediate moisturization in cases where the skin with acne is dry and sensitive, and helps the skin to relax.

-It is obtained from Red Algae (red algae) found in Scandinavian waters.

-It moisturizes and restructures the surface of the skin with its moisture holding capacity 3 times more than hyaluronic acid.

-The "Oleanolic Acid" in its content controls sebum production and reduces excess oil on the skin.

-“Nordihydroguaretic acid” Prevents acne and pimple formation by helping to prevent hyperkeratosis and inflammation Dermo Clean Osmo Plus cream nourishes your skin and gives your skin a bright and radiant appearance.

-With its intense moisturizing feature, it allows your skin to breathe all day long and protects it from negative environmental factors.


Sebum hypersecretion  
Bacterial poliferation  
Local inflammation


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