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Aiwibi Australian Premium Baby Pants- XL36 with Wipes

Brand: Aiwibi

Products description Aiwibi Australian Premium Baby Pants- XL36 with wipes

Premium aiwibi baby pants take use of top brand materials as Sandia SAP from Japan and Weyerhaeuser fluff pulp from USA.  We are not only committed to providing a comfortable diapers for your baby, but more importantly, represents the attitude toward the responsibility in the improvement of babies' safety and all aspects of care.


  • Two-Piece layers Q shape baby pants

  • Super-soft topsheet

  • Breathable & soft backsheet

  • Waterproof leak gaurd

  • White color ADL layer

  • Wetness indicator lines

  • Japan Sandia SAP

  • USA Weyerhaeuer fluff pulp


Rs. 1265.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

MRP: Rs. 1375.00

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