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Digital Stethoscope


The Smallest, Most Powerful Stethoscope in the World by Thinklabs.

How Does It Charge?

Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. The One comes with a cable that plugs into the headphone jack (3.5mm) on the stethoscope side and USB plug on the other. A small USB-style charger is also included, similar to the one you get with your cell phone. It has a voltage range of 100-240V for use internationally, using a US-style flat-pin plug.

How Long Does a Charge Last?

We estimate about 100 - 125 patients, depending on how long you keep your stethoscope on for and the loudness. Our tests, running the One at quite a loud volume, indicated battery life exceeding 240 minutes. This will probably call for charging your One about once or maybe twice a week.

What Headphones Can I Use?

Most headphones have plugs that will fit directly into the One jack. If your headphones have a fat plug, we provide a small extender cable that allows you to connect even that size plug to the One.

It's all about the bass. Body sounds, especially heart sounds, comprise mostly low frequencies. (Think: Bass guitar). For over-the-ear headphones, or on-the-ear headphones, use models that have excellent bass. Noise-cancelling headphones usually have their own built-in amplifiers so you can get really good results with those. For in-ear earbud headphones, again it's the bass that matters, and that requires that the earbuds seal into your ears which addresses two problems simultaneously. First, you need a great seal to get good bass (Did we mention you need good bass)? Second, sealed ear tips block out external noise. A Thinklabs stethoscope with the right headphones would satisfy even the pickiest musical artist/producer.

Can I Use this Stethoscope with Hearing Aids

Thinklabs One electronic stethoscope addresses the specialized needs and unique challenges of hearing-impaired medical professionals. Because One offers unparalleled amplification, connectivity and adaptability, you can create a custom solution for auscultation that meets your individual needs.


  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Amplifies over 100X
  • Uses audio headphones


  • One Digital Stethoscope
  • Thinklabs studio-quality in-ear headphones
  • Travel charger (100-240V)
  • Charger cable
  • Thinklink audio connection system
  • Pocket carrying case

FDA Approved Digital Stethoscope


Rs. 85000.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)