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Viopatch - Pain Relief Patch - Large - 10 Patches

Product details of Viopatch - Pain Relief Patch - Large - 10 Patches

  • Contains 1 box having 10 pouches of 75 cm sq. patches - TOTAL 10 Patches
  • 100% Herbal, Waterproof.
  • For relief from pain and inflammation due to arthritis, body pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain, lumbago, joint pain, stiffness, swelling/pain after trauma (bruise, sprain) etc.
  • Unlike common sprays/creams/ointments, it does not require re-application after every 3-4 hours and delivers the drug at a controlled rate for 12 hours.It is non-messy and non-greasy so that it can be easily applied under clothing.
  • Viopatch bypasses the digestive system and therefore, does not have side effects associated with oral pain killers such as gastric irritation/gastritis, liver damage etc. Since it is not digested and is directly pasted on the affected area, it delivers a much higher dose than oral medicines.


Rs. 800.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)