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Aiwibi Australian Premium Baby Pants- M42+Wipes

Brand: Aiwibi

Products description Aiwibi Australian Premium Baby Pants- M42+Wipes

Premium aiwibi baby pants take use of top brand materials as Sandia SAP from Japan and Weyerhaeuser fluff pulp from USA.  We are not only committed to providing a comfortable diapers for your baby, but more importantly, represents the attitude toward the responsibility in the improvement of babies' safety and all aspects of care.

  • Two-Piece layers Q shape baby pants

  • Super-soft topsheet

  • Breathable & soft backsheet

  • Waterproof leak gaurd

  • White color ADL layer

  • Wetness indicator lines

  • Japan Sandia SAP

  • USA Weyerhaeuer fluff pulp


Rs. 1246.20

(Inclusive of all taxes)

MRP: Rs. 1340.00